It's Not Goodbye

Posted on Wed Jun 1st, 2022 @ 2:57pm by Lieutenant Dillaa Gerro

Mission: A Celebration Short Lived
Location: Crew Quarters, Utopia Planetia, Mars
Timeline: Day 0 at 0600 Hours

Today was April Fool's Day, but jokes took a back seat to more pressing matters. "I'll get you on the holo at least once a day," Dillaa bargained. She hated taking an assignment that would take her so far away, but such was life as a Starfleet Officer. Though, she did not have to be, "I could turn in my badge and stay." The Orion may have played it as a joke, but a part of her almost wanted Zaila to keep her here.

"Don't be silly, I've heard great things about Captain Ruas," Zaila replied, trying to keep spirits hopeful. With a smile, she added, "Maybe in a few years, we can get a posting on one of those new Inquiry-class ships. That is if Starfleet will quit dragging their feet and approve it."

"And the fact that all of our shipyards are building those Wallenbergs for the mission," Dillaa added.

"That too, but we're almost done with them and the Romulans will evacuating to Federation space. I never thought I'd see the day," the Bajoran engineer almost exclaimed. "It would be like the Bajorans reaching out to aid the Cardassians after their planet was devastated."

"Which it was, and your people are," Dillaa replied. She was fully dressed in her blue medical uniform, all that was missing was the medical lab coat that rested neatly on the bed. She picked it up and slid her arms through the jacket's sleeves. She gave one last check to make sure every loose strand of hair was neatly pulled back and out of her face. "Well, do I look like I could save lives in this?" she asked, mockingly striking the pose of the doctor on the Star Fleet Medical advertisements.

"You could save lives even if you allowed yourself to be a little... messier," Zaila laughed. "You really take first impressions seriously, it isn't like you are making first contact," she retorted, playfully trying to mess up Dillaa's hair a little.

"It is to me," Dillaa replied, ducking out of the way. As soon as the coast was clear, she grabbed her hypospray and dialed it to the proper dose. In the quick motion of a person who has done this thousands of times, she easily inoculated herself with the hormone inhibitors. Fixing her collar, Dillaa looked to her wife and in a more somber tone said, "It's time I got to the transporter."

"I know," Zaila replied, reaching for Dillaa's hand. "You'll be fine. You get to go on adventures while I'm stuck on Mars watching ships in the yards. I'm a little jealous," the Bajoran admitted.

Running her finger gently over Zaila's nasal ridges, Dillaa replied, "I'll be back as soon as I build up some leave." Giving a little wink, she added, "Don't find anyone better."

"I couldn't possibly," Zaila smiled as she gave her wife's hand a little squeeze. Looking deeply into Dillaa's eyes, Zaila spoke, "Please, stay safe out there. Mars is the safest place in the Federation, but I need you to come back."

"You know I can't promise that," Dillaa squeezed the other woman's hand. "But I will do everything I can to come back," she added, trying to reassure the Bajoran. Pulling the hand toward the door, Dillaa said, "Walk me to the transporter on your way to work."

"Of course," Zaila smiled as the pair stepped through the door of their Martian quarters. The door closed with a gentle hiss.

Lt. Dillaa Gerro
Chief Medical Officer
USS Venture

Lt. Saza Zaila (NPC Gerro)
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Utopia Planitia