UNV Challenger

Welcome to the UNV Challenger!

In the year 2025, in the aftermath of a world-wide pandemic, several world powers began to assert their dominance in areas of the planet. Russia has expanded its influence into Eastern Europe and the Middle East, North Korea are increasingly flexing their military might in the Korean peninsula, and China have militarized the South China Sea. Amid mounting pressure from several nations across the globe, the United Nations spent months appealing to different governments to downgrade their military operations and return to diplomatic endeavours. Outraged, dozens of nations withdrew from the global peacekeeping efforts, with factions forming and alliances threatening the political landscape.

In response to rising tensions across the globe, and the military prowess of some of the most dangerous nations, the remaining members of the Security Council vote to establish the organisations first standing armed forces. For the first time, the UN becomes a military alliance of like-minded national governments intent on assuring the security of UN members. With each nation pledging to commit forces to the new military s, the US offers up the Arleigh Burke class destroyer ‘Challenger’ to lead the new combined forces. With crew from a variety of nations coming together, the ship quickly begins operations, being dispatched to escort supply ships to the Korean Peninsula. However, whilst en-route, the North Koreans launch a massive offensive against their Southern counterparts. A convoy mission soon becomes a rescue mission as the ship is tasked with evacuating dozens of officials from various governments…